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I had that WGA thing come up on my computer and decided to do a system restore to before installing the windows update and turned off automatic updates. It seems to have gotten rid of the annoying thing. Simon , 29 Jun pm. Does this mean that growth in the Windows OS market is saturated and they are now trying to maximize profit from the existing user base? Horse Mouth , 29 Jun pm. Gee, do you think I mighta bought 2 of the same kinda disgraceful design lemons of the 20th century? Wake up People , 29 Jun pm. No, Microsoft owning Windows is not a reason for them to abuse the trusted auto-update system with deceptive software that relays information about your computer to their servers.

Did you notice who owns the computer? It is software they are licensing to use on a product that you purchased or built yourself. Don't get caught up in minimal legal details when the 'rental' comes with pre-defined expectations of fair-use and privacy. Todd Edwards , 30 Jun am. Personally I could care less who owns "Windows". Stop feedng into the monopoly and install Linux. Do it now! Kurt , 29 Jun pm. Not to mention its easy as crap to get around If I'd had more time I might have found and installed the administrative SP2, but since it is merely annoying, I left it.

This was on a Dell with a perfectly legit copy of XP home. I don't understand all the problems WGA thinks it's real HotGarbage , 29 Jun pm.

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Once again, it doesn't matter to the regular Joe Consumer They don't know enough nor do they care that they are being spied on. They also don't know enough about their options to switch to an os that is isn't spying on them or regulating how it is used. So, in all, Microsoft will still have the marke share in desktop OS and nothing will change that.

The problems with Joe Consumer hit the fan when MS disables Joe's XP operating system and gives him 30 days to pay to upgrade to Vista because "it's more secure". That's what this is all about--catching a few pirated versions of windows is just gravy. MS is preparing for the forced upgrade path of the future. Rob , 29 Jun pm. It's more about system vendors here.

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Most people don't even know it's an option to install Linux. Point is, it's not the users fault they are just limited in their options. Though, I do hear that some vendors are starting to push alternative Os' more and custom system builders have done so for a period of time, to save their customers money.

IF the vendors decide to go against MS then it will trickle down into the consumers home. Dell at one point talked about putting Linux on some of its systems Servers and desktops, however when microsoft could wind of it, they freaked out and threatened dell with some bs Jarod , 30 Jun am. WGA has put me off microsoft.. I work as an IT tech, and sometimes have to install a bootleg copy on a customers machine because the license code on the side of their case doesn't work with a later version of xp. They paid for xp, and now they have to stuff around on the phone with indians for 4 hours, and still get no where.

I also beta tested Vista. I was so upset. I want something fast and reliable, no one in business is concerned with stupid opacities and shadows. Wake-up MS, don't copy Apple, do something new. If you are going to implement OpenGL, try working with a 3D desktop, with 3D video conferencing with intergrated voip - or something useful for business, not some gay widgets. Stu , 30 Jun am. Jack, MS kill off Volume Keys when Corporates change them at Microsofts request or dont pay bills, thus your laptop probably had a license on it you werent entitled to, thus you are the moron.

You can remove it Bluebeard , 30 Jun am. Why is it most companies fail to see is that their so called anti-piracy measures only affect the people who buy the legit copy? WGA is just another reason not to buy windows. JoeyPoey , 30 Jun am. The disk costs 10 bucks, so the other ten would be for the kid. Or even better, get a professor or staff memeber to buy you a copy of XP Pro without the dial-home to activate for the same price?

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It's legit--sponsored by Microsoft first one's free-er, discounted, kid , and the XP Pro edition--from what i've seen--uses the same serial number for ALL of the copies. JoeyPoey again , 30 Jun am. Jon , 30 Jun am. I hope WGA does work and works well. Then the techs who build their own computers at home are more likely to try Linux. Then once they are comfortable with Linux, then they are more likely to implement it at work. Oh yeah.

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And it won't be just the techs they lose. It will also be every emerging nation.

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Allan ODale , 30 Jun am. There's no way they could loose an antitrust case now. Bill , 30 Jun pm. I've been working with computers since punch cards and XP and Server are by far the best operating systems out there. Only for big buisness. A Unix wannabe step back to dos days. Give me a break, more crApple crap! Now-a-days it's in vogue to bash microsoft, so everybody does it to prove that they're in-the-know.

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