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Redeeming the Service may require a valid proof of purchase such as order confirmation from Nokia online store, or receipt or invoice from authorized Nokia reseller, showing the date of purchase of the eligible Nokia phone. Or is this in lieu of the free earbuds they used to offer before? A PureView phone with no dedicated two-stage camera button?

I thought these folks were former Nokia engineers! I personally didn't find the lack of 3. I just attached the USB-C-to Do you know if these converters are device specific or can I plug them into any USB-C port on any computer and have sound come out of my headphones. Some phones support audio accessory mode , which is a way to reserve some pins for analog audio signals.

In this case, you only need a passive adapter.

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There's no reason why desktop or laptops computers couldn't support it, too, but if they do, it's rare. So such an adapter is unlikely to work with a computer, and may not work with all phones. The alternative is an active device, with its own DAC and amplifier. This is more likely to work with all your devices; I'm pretty sure I could connect my desktop computer's external USB headphone amp to my android phone and it'd just work. It varies from adapter to adapter. The one that came with my Pixel works on my MBP. AriaMinaei 7 months ago. I found it to be a really big issue.


But i guess it is about expectations. I bought iPhone XS expecting it to be a none-issue, but it also doesn't come with a converter.

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This is an important feature for me and I don't think the rest of the phone can make up for the lack of such an important feature. I use Arduino nano for that. I've programmed the port on Arduino to support any amount of new devices with any port. Very fascinating. Now I know why the Light-Camera [1] looks just plain ugly to me.

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The Nokia-Phone is a little better, but also non-pleasant at least. That camera does look really ugly. Like it's got chicken pox. I wonder how they expect to sell well, with it looking like that. Oh man, that is not OK. I don't have Trypophobia but it does kinda make me feel a little uneasy. Just looks awful to me. TomMarius 7 months ago.

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But the phone is perfectly regular and symmetrical? Wow, I got goose bumps looking at that picture. ZeWaren 7 months ago. Haha, I thought the same thing. Is it sending data to Chinese servers? That was one particular model the 7 that accidentally got Chinese-market software loaded onto all the phones, not just the ones required by law to have it. A software update corrected the issue since.

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Some of the key mSpy features for phone monitoring that you can use:.

Stay informed about all chat communications taking place via social network apps on the monitored device. We talked for mobile tracking software nokia 9 an hour. One particularly fun app is locatemyphone.