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Those signing in with their Microsoft account will find their Windows 10 license automatically linked to their account. Enter your Microsoft account credentials, then click Sign In. You may be challenged for your Local User Account password. If so, provide it, and press Enter.

It seems like a sensible move that will appease those users irritated by the sometimes archaic licensing terms metered out by Microsoft. There are times when it is necessary to uninstall your own product key from a system, but leave the operating system intact. For instance, you might be selling an old laptop or computer, and want to provide an up-to-date version of Windows 10 for the purchaser — but not your own, activated version. Similarly, if you have a Windows retail license, you may wish to activate your copy of the operating system on a different system.

Open an elevated Command Prompt. We'll show you the most useful commands every Windows user needs to know. Read More , and press Enter:. This command uninstalls the existing product key. Wait for moment, and press OK when the dialogue box appears. Please note that uninstalling and clearing the product key do not remove it from the Microsoft activation servers. If you have an OEM version of Windows, your license will still be limited to one system, the license matched to its hardware.

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Retail users may find that despite their ability to reuse their license, it may require phone activation if online activation fails. This was true for all versions up to the release of Windows Furthermore, you might be using a license granted by an educational facility, or through your workplace, and these licenses can come with a limited time of use. To display the information, open an elevated Command Prompt. Now copy and paste the following command, then press Enter:. You can see the difference between Windows 10 versions below. On the left is my Insider Preview version, the right is my Windows 10 Pro version.

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My Windows 10 Insider Preview version is set to expire in October, whereas my Windows 10 Pro license has no expiration date. If Windows fails to activate during the installation process, you can attempt to manually activate your product key. Once again, open an elevated Command Prompt, and enter the following command:.

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  4. This will allow you to activate your installation without an Internet connection. Windows 10 has been surprisingly kind to those users without product keys. Whereas Microsoft made Windows 7, 8, and 8. That said, the reduced functionality is unsubstantial, and focuses largely on the cosmetic side of the operating system. It really runs against the experience of those users with legitimate licenses on earlier operating systems hounded by the progressively intrusive update screens.

    Certain versions of Windows are eligible for downgrade rights. This is the process of downgrading your current operating system to one of its predecessors. The key article for many in the above table will be the lack of downgrade rights for retail licenses. Those with an OEM license have an array of downgrade options to choose from:. If you followed the upgrade path from Windows 7, 8, or 8. Windows 10 would delete your Windows. The productivity question is -- should you upgrade?

    We give you the new features and the fresher reasons to help you This is also dependent on how you access and purchase Microsoft Office. Make sure you're in complete control of your account and subscription settings with this guide. Each of these tools will reveal your Windows product key.

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    ShowKeyPlus, which we used earlier in the article, will also reveal the product key you used to upgrade to Windows 10, which can be very handy. Most relates to Windows 10, but there are also some handy tips on where to find and how to extract product keys from older versions of the operating system.

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